We’re ready to work with companies and brands of all shapes and sizes, from a busy one-site to chain, dotted all over London.

We’re all about agile pricing, so we’ve developed our pricing strategy to best reflect your needs. Our subscription plans are monthly and depend on the number of locations that you work across – not the number of roles you need to fill!

This means that you have sight over your recruitment costs from the start of the year, regardless of the number of times you recruit. You can use Short on Staff as many times as you like every month, without paying any extra.

We’re all about working with you – that’s the entire rationale behind Short on Staff. We offer four pricing bands to choose from but if you’d like to chat through your options, give us all. We love to hear from you, no matter how big or small you are!

One location:


£50 per month

Two–five locations


£175 per month

Six-ten locations


£395 per month

Eleven-twenty locations


£695 per month

Twenty and above We can work a tailored subscription for you. For a custom quote, call us or get in touch

We can’t wait to hear from you!