Short on Staff offers you a potential staff pool size that you couldn’t normally call upon at such a low price. By June 2017, we’re expecting to be working with around 1100 candidates in each staff pool. Small businesses only pay a small price to access these candidates. See Pricing for more information and don’t forget that you can use it as many times as you need every month, so you’ll be able to keep a lid on your recruitment costs. Perfect for a small business!
Short on Staff means that you can recruit for exactly the position that you need, when you need it. We’ve created a slick dashboard that means you can kick your complicated Excel sheets to the kerb and access all of your recruitment needs through our dashboard. You’ll be able to see what roles you need to fulfil in which locations at a glance.
Signing up with Short on Staff is easy. You can click ‘Register’ on our home page and follow the simple process or Either follow the process through the ‘register’ button on our home page or, if you like to speak to a real person, you can call our friendly support team via live chat or by calling 01243 930020. We’ll be able to talk you through the process, set up your account and chat through the pricing options with you.
Your staff pool refreshes once an hour. Don’t worry there are 100’s of candidates available to you. You can create your job now and the appropriate candidates will show in your search.
Candidates that you have selected choose whether they are interested in your role or not. If they express an interest, you’ll be able to access their contact details and CV in your dashboard. You’ll then be able to arrange an interview with them or trial session.
No. We take our client confidentiality very seriously. Only those that you select will know you have a vacant role, so you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of the competition.
No. Candidates are not given access to your contact details. You are given their details if they are interested in your role. Candidates also cannot see vacant roles that they have not been invited to view.
Pricing starts from just £50 per month, but there’s more information on our pricing page.
Absolutely! Only the candidates that you have selected will ever be able to see your vacant job role. We’ve added a little extra discretion as the candidates that you have selected can’t get in touch with you. It’s a one-way street from you to them.
Short on Staff does not vet or train candidates. We simply help you find some great potential employees. This really helps us to keep our pricing to a minimum, allowing us to offer you a great service at a reasonable price. If you find that you’re not happy with someone that you recruited from Short on Staff, we will review their account as standard but we do encourage our clients to take a responsible approach to their own interviewing and vetting process.
The process couldn’t be simpler. Simply create your job and assign it to one of your locations. You’ll be able to access the candidates that our clever filtering system shows you. You will only be shown identical matches – there’s no room for almost right on Short on Staff. View the candidate profiles and work history before selecting the candidates that you are interested in. You will then send them details of the role. If they are interested, their details will appear in your dashboard. At this point, you’ll be able to view their CV and contact details. The rest is up to you! When you find your short list of candidates, it’s down to you to set up the interviews and eventual recruitment.
Just select their profile and send them the job. If they’re interested in your role, you’ll get their contact details and you can arrange an interview directly with them.
By June 2017, each staff pool will have an average of 1100 candidates - so there should always be someone that’s right for you. Short on Staff is often used to support companies with lower paid positions, but we do have some highly-experienced candidates who are more than capable of filling your top positions. If you do make a search and no one matches your requirements or you don’t like any of the profiles, we work with a great agency who will be able to help you fill your role for a super price.
No worries! Please contact a member of our support team and they’ll be able to help you immediately. If you would like to upgrade your subscription, you can do this through your dashboard.
Short on Staff currently concentrates on the hospitality market. We have big plans - so watch this space!
If an employer’s search matches what you are looking for, your profile will be displayed at their end. If they think that you could be right for the job, they’ll send the details though to you.
Profiles with plenty of experience and a good profile picture have a great chance in an employer’s search and are more appealing to recruiters – they simply look more professional. If your experience is limited or you don’t make the most of your transferable skills, they may pass over your profile. Make sure that you show them what you’ve got! Employers are far more likely to contact you for an interview if you upload your CV.
If you show interest in one of their roles, the employer will receive your CV, your email and your phone number. They’ll contact you to arrange the next step.
Some people can receive offers almost immediately. The more appealing that you can make your profile, the more likely you are to receive a great offer quickly.
You can set the minimum wage that you are prepared to take in your profile but we advise that you discuss this with any future employer during the interview process. Short on Staff is not an agency so you will not pay any commission. What you are offered by your new potential employer is what you’ll receive.
The only paperwork you need to sign up to Short on Staff is your CV. Even this is just a recommendation - but those with CVs are much more likely to be invited to an interview then those without.
Simply create your profile by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the home page. If you need any help, our candidate managers are available on live chat, WhatsApp and email.
At the moment. Short on Staff is currently just for the hospitality market
Create your profile. When a suitable role comes in, you’ll be matched with an employer looking for someone just like you. They’ll contact you directly with the offer of an interview or trial. It’s that easy - no more scrolling through job sites!
Payment is between you and your employer. Short on Staff is not an agency so National Insurance, Tax and salary or wage is between you and the company that has hired you.
If you accept a full-time role and are no longer looking for work, you can ask that your account is paused. Please contact your candidate manager who will take care of this for you. If you do not reply to an offer that has been make within two weeks, your account will automatically be paused. You will be notified when this happens and be given the chance to make it live again instantly.
Absolutely. Plenty of employers take on extra staff during the summer and use Short on Staff to make sure they can keep up with the seasonal demand. It can get very busy at Christmas too!
Short on Staff is active in many London universities. We personally know how tight finances can get whilst studying and Short on Staff is a great way to pick up work that can fit around your studies.